A quick look at upcoming events for 2018

Printer Settings Workshop

March 24, 2018 at ProPhoto Connection

Led by Nick Carver

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Nick Carver

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Looking Back


Photos from the 2017 Holiday Party

Photo Booth Pictures

Holiday Party General Photos

Best of 2017 Slideshow


 Mission Viejo Community of Character Program

Trish Kelly, Mission Viejo City Council Member introduced the Community of Character program to South County Photo Club members attending our October Meeting.   She put out a “call for photographers”  to provide professional quality photos depicting Qualities for use on “Character Posters”.

Please see the Community of Character Committee website for more details and a list of the 12 character qualities.  The site includes the history of the program and contact information for more information.

This is an exciting award winning program pioneered by Mission Viejo.   Get your creative juices flowing and serve your community at the same time!

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