Board of Directors

2018 Board of Directors

Gilbert Portugal, President

Gilbert PortugalI have been involved in photography to various extents since I was very young taking pictures with “instamatic,” “disc,” and “pocket” cameras. Eventually I got an SLR camera and shot much of my senior year’s high school yearbook photos. Since then I have probably shot near a hundred-thousand photos mostly as a hobby and for fun, but I have shot a couple of weddings, group portraits, and I have won a couple awards for my photography. Being involved in the SCPC has allowed me learn, teach, and enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship of other photographers.


Jim Rusher,  Vice President

I developed an appreciation for the natural world and outdoor adventure at an early age and was fortunate to experience places like Yosemite, Utah, and the Southwest on road trips with my parents.  At age 8 I was given my first camera, an Argus 75 which allowed me to capture these beautiful places on film.  In my early 20s I became inspired by Ansel Adams, and wanted to take my photography to the next level.  I then enrolled in a series of classes at local colleges and learned the importance of composition, lighting, and waiting for the right moment.   I have since become a serious amateur photographer and I continue to develop my skills through courses, seminars, and lots of practice.

Jeanette DiAnda, Secretary







Suzie Greenberg, Treasurer

Suzie Greenberg, Featured Photographer, August, 2014

I started taking pictures when I was a teenager with a Polaroid Swinger and the jingle from that commercial has stuck in my head for all these years! (I promise I won’t sing it!) In the 70’s I also used a Kodak instamatic 100 and a Kodak pocket instamatic.

In November 2010, I was ready to learn more about photography and how to really use a camera. My Mom bought me a Canon 7D, my first DSLR, and I signed up for a BW class at Saddleback College to help get me started. The camera stayed unopened in the box for over a month! I was so intimidated by the complexity and I was also afraid that I would damage it somehow.

I finally had to open it to get ready for my class. At the time my intention was to focus on learning the technical aspects of camera operation. The class introduced me to my camera, composition, creativity, and the use of Lightroom.

Although I’ve learned a lot, I still have a long way to go….and the journey goes on! I would consider my story a success if I could help, encourage or inspire someone, if even in a small way, to learn and explore life with their cameras, as many of you here have done for me. I look forward to creating more images and lasting memories!

Becky Martens, Membership

I have been enjoying photography since my husband gave me a 35mm Canon on my 35th birthday.  For many years, I kept busy documenting my children’s lives, but that came to an abrupt stop when they reached middle school.  At that point, aside from photographing their sports, I switched my focus to nature. Since joining SCPC, I have learned a great deal and have expanded my interests beyond landscapes to include wild animals, birds, long exposure, night sky, and travel photography.


 Jaime Diaz, Outings

Jaime Diaz, Photographer of the Month

When I was a small child, I feared being in front of a camera mainly because of the bright flash which blinded me.  As I grew older, I became inspired by the photography my father created.   His camera collection consisted of Leicas, Baldas, Poleroids, Kodaks, and later Konicas.  He used me quite often as his convenient model and prop during his photo experimentation.  Years later, I too would be using my kids for many of the same purposes.  

My early photography mainly consisted of recording experiences with friends, family, and various trips.  Much of it captured the emotion of the moment.  It wasn’t until I met my wife who was a semi-pro photographer whose images had a particular art form along with my dad giving me his  Konica SLR film cameras with its variety of lenses that I started  looking through the lens differently.

For several years, I learned what I could about working with film cameras and found it mostly rewarding and on occasion disappointing at times.  My biggest challenge was understanding lighting and how to use it to my advantage.

Misty Reisman, Workshops

  I have loved photography since I was a youth.  I am a Nature and Session Photographer and am living the dream.  I took photography classes at Saddleback Community College, which got me even more interested in photography.  I started in 2009 professionally with session photography.  In 2017 I graduated from UCI with a BA in Art.  My time at UCI helped me realize what I want to portray with my photography.  I choose to take photos that show goodness and have people come away feeling inspired.  This is a passion of mine: to help others by capturing moments in time for others to look back with fondness.  Live each moment to its fullest.


Tom Leach, Outreach

I am relatively new to photography. I purchased a DSLR camera and joined the club a few years ago.  Since then my interest and skill has grown; in part due to the excellent photographers we have throughout our club.

I enjoy photographing landscapes, seascapes, urban environments and street photography.  I see photography as storytelling; I’m drawn to photographing our outreach events.

When not photographing I’m an audio and video engineer.  I have worked in broadcast engineering and related geeky operations.  For the past 20 years I have been a principal audio and video engineer at Walt Disney Imagineering.  While I try to see more as an artist, on occasion, I still find myself shooting like an engineer.

Gary Cox, Communications

Gary Cox

My photographic journey began with a Brownie Hawkeye that I thought was a magic box. I progressed through several levels of Canon 35mm SLRs. The Sony Mavica was my first venture into the world of digital images. Its 1999 state of the art onboard memory consisted of one 3.5 inch floppy disk with a 4 image capacity. Imagine managing 100 disks traveling around England. I have to say I don’t miss negatives, transparencies, and those days of breathing chemical fumes in my closet darkroom. Digital cameras and computer post processing are definitely the way to go.

In 2011, after a few years off from my photography I bought a new DSLR. Sorry Canon fans. I went over to the dark side and switched to Nikon. Recognizing that I needed to learn more and share the joy of photography with like minded people I began researching photo clubs in Orange County on the internet.
It only took one visit to South County Photo Club to know I had found the group I was looking for. Participation in club activities and meeting many new friends has enriched my life. I have even won a couple of ribbons in the Orange County Fair.

When not engaged in things photographic I am an Information Technology Manager for a Global Defense and Technology Company.

We welcome photography enthusiasts of ALL levels with any camera type.
We are here to share and learn from each other.
We encourage guests to attend our meetings to find out what we are all about,
and we hope you stick around and consider becoming a member.