Educational Material Index

Below is the index to Self-Help tutorials, educational material, and other member recommended resources:

Web and SmugMug

  • Primer on Image Dimensions and Resolution

  • If you’re unclear about the various aspects of digital image size and output resolution check out this six-minute video.
  • Resize/Optimize Your Photos for the Web

    How to optimize your photos for the web: resizing and selecting the best level of compression. Includes a link to info on protecting your photos online.

  • SmugMug – How to Prepare your Photos for Upload to SCPC SmugMug Galleries

    Two primary considerations must be addressed for successfully posting your images on the South County Photo Club SmugMug Galleries.

    1.  Resizing the photos so they are not so big as to degrade SmugMug performance or so small that the image is not showcased effectively.

    2. Applying a “watermark” to your photo so members know it is yours is especially helpful for photos you want to share from Club Outings.   For our Monthly Challenges Watermarks are not allowed so the  identity of the person behind the entry is not revealed, avoiding any possible bias for the judges.

    For a collection of general educational material addressing these two needs click on the following links.

  • Galleries in SmugMug – How to Use 

    • A general guide to Members for using SmugMug 



Part 1 – About You Tube – Characteristics of and “how-to” suggestions for YouTube as a learning tool for all things photographic.  This info is biased toward those unfamiliar with YouTube. 

Part 2 – You Tube Links – Specific links and recommendations for videos, providers, and subjects from the authors experience.  Ideally club members will contribute many more suggestions.  150 brains are definitely better than one.  Included YouTube videos about General Photography, Lightroom, and Photoshop.


Workshops and other Member Presentations

Lightroom and Photoshop QUICK TIPS (J. DiAnda) – 3/12/2016

About Metadata (Cox) –  10/5/2016

Tutorials about the new Photoshop Features released in Photoshop CC 2015.5  (Salahi) – 7/7/2016

Watermarking Images (Cox) – 2015

Night Sky Presentation by Bruce Wight from the June 2016 Meeting  (Downloads Presentation)

How to Photograph Hummingbirds Presentation by Bruce Wight January 2017 Meeting (Downloads Presentation)

Solar Eclipse of 2017 – info provided by Members   

Fireworks – Shooting and Editing (Lauren Simmons) July 2017    

Filters for the Landscape and Nature Photographers by Bruce and Johanna Wight  NEW

Tripod Summit Presentation by Bob Bone January 2018  NEW

Back Button Focusing 

A collection of YouTube tutorials including benefits of Back Button Focusing and how to set up a sampling of Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, and Sony Cameras to use it.


Focus Stacking

This tutorial shows how to shoot a sequence of shallow-depth photos and then process them in Photoshop so that the final image is in focus throughout.


Smart Phone Photography Apps

A collection of photograph oriented Smart Phone Apps for IOS and Android recommended by members.  

Photography Equipment Basics – August 2017  NEW

This is a new section where you can find basic equipment information intended to give you more knowledge about cameras, lenses, flash, filters, etc. without promoting any brand.

Histograms NEW

Demystified: An In-Depth Guide to Your Camera’s Histogram  (From – December 2017

A very good practical explanation of what Histograms are with example photos/histograms. 

Photography Podcasts

  • The Candid Frame—The place for in-depth conversations with the world’s best established and emerging photographers.
  • The Digital Photo Experience was created by Rick Sammon and Juan Pons to bring to you the best photography tips, advice, news and information. Both Rick and Juan live and breathe photography and are always eager to share with you what they know.
  • The Digital Story—weekly digital photography podcasts, photo tips, reader submitted pictures, equipment reviews & more
  • photofocus—education and inspiration for visual storytellers

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