Temecula Balloon Festival

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June 3, 2017 @ 6:00 am
Lake Skinner Recreation Area
$33 - $40
Jaime Diaz

On Saturday, June 3, We will head out to Temecula to photograph the colorful balloons rising into the morning air, weather permitting.

Jaime Diaz is  currently coordinating with IEPC for a meeting point.  We have concluded that not everyone will want to spend the money to enter the festival grounds but instead will meet outside the Balloon festival somewhere in the wine country to setup.  If you do decide to go to the Balloon festival, it is best to purchase your tickets online before the event.  The cost is $33.  If you purchase your tickets at the gate, it will cost you $40.

Here is a link with all the Balloon Festival info in case you are interested:

The balloons will start rising around 6:30AM so best to get to Temecula around 6AM.

This is an early morning shoot so if coming from OC, we would have to leave very, very early.  We will shoot for about an hour and a half to 2 hours.  After that, we will likely have breakfast, and then you are all free to do what you would like.  A number of things to do in Temecula are:

* Visit the Balloon Festival
* Visit a wide variety of wineries in the area

* Visit Pechanga Resort and Casino

* Explore the local area for a variety of photo OPs

Jaime will send out more emails with additional details next week as we get more info from IEPC.

Sign up Sheet for Carpools is here 

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  1. Dina Damon says:

    Marian and I are going. But waiting for a confirmation from Marian.

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