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So, Canon finally has a mirrorless camera. Is it a worthy new model? Or is Canon too late to the mirrorless game?

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  1. David Salahi says:

    So, Canon finally has a mirrorless camera. Is it a worthy new model? Or is Canon too late to the mirrorless game?

  2. Tom leach says:

    New line of zeiss slr lenses
    For both Canon and Nikon

    Manual focus as usual
    The 50 and 85 are new optics


  3. Tom leach says:

    One of the most likely places to have your gear stolen is from your car
    Here is a good tip to secure it

    • Manny says:

      Something like this would have saved me around $12K of items stolen from my car right before Christmas last year. However, all it takes is to cut the cloth handles but I’m sure it deters some thefts. I’m no longer leaving my gear in the car. I’m paying more attention to what I carry and the environment I’m traveling to.

  4. Tom leach says:

    For those that saw our guest speaker on small off camera flash
    Here is a link to a similar globe flash modifier used for our board member group photo
    On sale
    I ordered one to try

  5. Tom Leach says:

    Useful Lens selection guide for shooting in large spaces


  6. David Sabet says:

    So I have a terrific new camera Nikon D750 but it came with a 24-120 which leaves me short when I need to reach out and grab an image. I’m interested in something like a 70-200 or 70-300 but the $2000 and $1000 price tags respectively give me pause. Any recommendations regarding competing brands?


  7. Gary Cox says:

    Hi David – Thanks for posting here. I am not sure who will jump in on this but I will get it started.

    There are no absolute right and wrong answers for lens choices. There is no shortage of material out there. Since I don’t know much about your interests, experience level, and budget I will am referring you to one highly respected source of information about camera gear. The link below is to the “Best Nikon Lenses” page on the Camera Labs site. It is organized by exactly where I think you should start your analysis…with yourself. Specifically, what kind of subjects to you want to photograph?
    Take a look at this site and it should stimulate many thoughts and probably follow-on questions. We have a lot of true experts at the pro level in our group. I will get you connected.

    Happy hunting!

    Gary Cox

  8. Tom Leach says:

    I recently purchased a magnifying eye piece for my camera. It works well with eye glasses and that small amount of enlargement helps with focusing. It was cheaper than more expensive and bulky loops. I purchased this one.

    If you need a better view check and see what’s available for your camera

  9. Gary Cox says:

    Tom – Thanks for the post. I had forgotten these existed. I will check it out.

  10. Tom Leach says:

    Excellent studio lighting reference for beginner to pro
    Click on an image to see how it was lit

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