Galleries in SmugMug – How to use

Outing  and All other Galleries are now hosted on the SCPC SmugMug Site.  SmugMug provides a simplified process for uploading photos and protects our photos from unauthorized downloads.  You don’t have to log into anything to participate.

To Prepare photos for the SCPC SmugMug site a few educational resources have been compiled.  Correctly sizing your uploaded photos can improve performance and satisfaction with the image display quality.  Also, for Outings it is very nice to identify the photographer.   Members like to know who submitted the images.

Click one of the subjects below to access more info about the following topics:

To upload photos:

  • Normally a link will be provided by email before each outing or event for you to use to upload your pictures.
  • Resize JPEG images to 2000 or 3000 pixels on the long side at 72 bits per inch.   These settings give a nice big image in SmugMug that does not  consume excessive space.
  • Please limit the number of images you upload to 3 per Gallery.  Showcase your best results.

By the time you return from a fun outing there will be a SmugMug link waiting for you to upload your images.

Here is how to see all the SCPC SmugMug galleries:

On the homepage click on one of the choices on the upper right side of the page.

To see Outing Galleries click on the icon below:

Outings Menu Box

To see Challenge Galleries click on the icon below

Challenges Menu Box

Other links will be added over time.

Go to the home page now to make your choice.

We welcome photography enthusiasts of ALL levels with any camera type.
We are here to share and learn from each other.
We encourage guests to attend our meetings to find out what we are all about,
and we hope you stick around and consider becoming a member.