John Chico, Featured Photographer September 2015

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Read John’s Story below:

I’d like to thank the club for selecting me to share my story. Unlike most of you I only recently got into photography. My early years were spent owning many point and shoot cameras that would stay in the closet for years until I would dust them off, take them somewhere and return home anxious to see the results. I’d rush the film over to the local drug store only to be met with the same disappointing results, time after time.

In 2011 I planned a trip to Yosemite. I had not been there in many years. For some reason I also decided I was tired of the poor quality pictures I always brought home after a trip like that. So I decided that if I bought a couple of books, studied and practiced, I could hopefully at least take some presentable photos.

So I bought some books and read them, made multiple trips to the beach and local parks. I came home and “processed” my photos with the free software that came with my camera. To my amazement, I found myself enjoying the pictures of flowers, trees, and beaches. The trip to Yosemite built upon my new found enthusiasm as I came back with the best pictures I had ever taken.

Since that trip, I have taken one of Laura’s classes as well as continuing  to buy more books and practice. I joined many of the local photography meetups and found this club. I’ve attended some of the club workshops as well as some of the outings. I have since started using Lightroom and have been improving my skills there as well. (Special thanks to Tyree for his great Lightroom workshops.)

I have always enjoyed the outdoors. Prior to some serious crashes I was an avid cyclist who rode 4,000 – 5,000 miles a year, all over Orange county as well as other parts of California, Oregon, Nevada and Utah. I really came to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. As such most of my photography is focused on outdoor activities.

Since my inaugural trip in 2011 I have made 4 additional trips to Yosemite and plan to go again this winter. I went to the Grand Canyon earlier this year for the first time ever. The last two years I have gone up to the Eastern Sierra for some fall color shoots. I already have plans to go again this year. I’ve been to Red Rock and Valley of Fire parks in Nevada. I’m still working on getting to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and would like to make a winter/spring trip to Zion and Bryce. I still make numerous trips to the local beaches and am always interested in any outdoor outings.

Thank you.

John Chico






















































































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