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My name is Ken Gatlin.


I have always had a love of the outdoors. Some of my earliest memories are of camping and hiking in the mountains and deserts. Sunrise is my favorite time.


In addition, I have always enjoyed making things and

I think of myself as more of a craftsmen than an artist. Along with photography I enjoy wood working, and leaded glass projects. For example, I’m currently building a desk and bookcase for my grandson.


At my day job, I’m a software developer. I have done many things from Mainframe OS development, control software for a solar power plant,  E-Commerce web sites, and utility apps. Coming up with a creative solution to a problem is fun for me.  Currently I build Android apps.


My interest in photography developed when my grandmother gave me my first camera – a Kodak Brownie Bullet. I think I was about I was about five or six.


Like most kids I took snapshots of relatives and places we went to on family outings.


I didn’t start taking photography seriously until 1980 when I get my first SLR, a Konica TC. This is when I wanted to do something better than just taking snapshots


During the next several years most of my photos were landscapes related to camping and backpacking trips  


In 2000, my wife and I purchased our first digital camera. A Canon ELPH S100. A whopping 2.1 mp. It was small, and the battery didn’t last very long but it was very convenient. It went with us to Ireland, Italy, and Peru.


In early 2006, we took the plunge and got a Nikon D200 followed shortly by a D300. Grandkids are a great excuse to spend money.


I currently shoot with a D800 and we also have an Olympus M-1 that is used mostly for family outings.

It is interesting to note that the Olympus is the same size as my old Konica.


Today, my favorite subjects to photograph are landscapes, abstracts, and flowers.  I occasionally do some wildlife and now I’m developing an interest in shooting sports. Well, actually I’m only interested in two soccer players, both of them are my grandkids.



Like many of you I have been taking photographs most of my life.


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