Norman P Murray Center Info

View of the Main Entrance from the Parking Lot


Birds Eye View of the Building Layout

murray center birds eye

“Sycamore B” as viewed From “Sycamore A”

(We will have chairs with no tables for our meetings)

sycamore b from a

Map from I-5 to Murray Center via La Paz Rd.

I5 to Murray Center

Map Showing Details from La Paz to the Parking Lot

lapaz to parking

Written Directions from I5 via LaPaz

Head north on La Paz towards Muirlands Blvd

1.7 mi

Turn left on Veterans Way

0.3 mi

(Refer to Map Above)

Keep Right on Veterans Way when you reach the traffic circle on your left.

Proceed past the building to the Parking Lot on your left.

After you park the main building entrance is facing the parking lot.

Enter the Wide Sliding Doors.

Lood for  a receptionist desk.

Turn right down the long hall way in front of the Receptionist Desk.

Our meeting room, Sycamore B, is the last door on the right just before a building exit.

Welcome to the South County Photo Club Meeting.  Have a great time.

Sycamore B Door



We welcome photography enthusiasts of ALL levels with any camera type.
We are here to share and learn from each other.
We encourage guests to attend our meetings to find out what we are all about,
and we hope you stick around and consider becoming a member.