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Welcome to the South County Photo Club.  We are a group of photographers of all skill levels who meet to converse and learn from each other, to experience new photographic opportunities, to learn new skills both in photographing an image and in the processing of it, and finally and possibly most importantly, to share the passion and camaraderie of others with the same interests.  Our club was started around nine years ago by a small group of photographers who wanted to get together and share their photographic techniques and ideas with each other.  The club soon grew by word of mouth, and as of last year we have outgrown two other venues and now meet at the Murray Center in Mission Viejo to accommodate our current membership of over one hundred fifty.

Our monthly meetings give us opportunities to fellowship, to learn, and to be inspired by our talented guest speakers.  We have near weekly photography trip outings and monthly workshops so that our members can both learn photography skills and then be able to go out and practice those skills in a fun group experience.  

 Our members range from professional photographers to novice photographers with the majority of members being somewhere in the middle.  We have members who shoot with Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Fuji and other camera brands.  They’re all great cameras these days and a great camera helps, but honestly, it’s not the camera but in fact the person operating the camera and their talent and experience that determines the outcome of the image.  I have seen some beautiful images come out of a smart phone camera, and I’ve seen some flat snapshot looking pictures come out of a five thousand dollar camera.  A nice camera helps, but the knowledge of how to set up the image, capture it, and then process it is what makes photography an art.  That is what we all strive for at SCPC and our club allows us the learning experiences and the opportunities to practice and improve all of our images.  I have seen a lot of beautiful, moving, inspiring and award winning work come out of our club and I am in awe of the talent of our members.

If you are a member of our club, thank you for your friendship and membership.  And if you’re considering joining our club, I want to personally invite you to join a friendly enthusiastic group of people with a passion for photography and improving our photographic abilities.  We would love to have you join us.


 Gilbert M Portugal

SCPC President  


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  1. I am visiting this site for the first time in almost a year. Had no idea that you were the president. Congratulation on your position. You have worked hard for the club since the beginning with our original 10 members. If you have as much passion as you did in those yearly years, the club should have a great year of growth.

    Best regards,
    Donavan Martin

  2. Sue Crowson says:

    I am a volunteer for the City of Mission Viejo and the coordinator of the 2016 Mission Viejo Photography Exhibit. I would love to have your members participate in our exhibit if they’d like. The entry fee is only $10, and exhibit participants can sell their photos through the show. We also will have a nice artists’ reception to open the show, with appetizers and live music, as well as awards being given out by City Council members. I know a couple of your members have already signed up with me, I recognize their names. Can I send you a copy of our flyer advertising this exhibit? Is there a way you can let your members know about our exhibit? Thank you very much.

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