Resizing Images

A collection of  brief tutorials is compiled below.  These are provided  to help you learn how to resize your  images for uploading to our SmugMug galleries.  But, the techniques are applicable to other web destinations.  There are many advanced considerations for image resizing that are not covered here.  The intent is to get you started with basic techniques.

When you are comfortable with resizing then learn how add a watermark to identify yourself as the photographer or record your copyright in SmugMug or elsewhere.  Click here for Watermark tutorials.

The Basics of Sizing

The first video, by our own David Salahi, is an excellent explanation of pixels and how they affect various photo display media (monitor, cell phone, prints, etc).  Click here to watch it.

David Salahi also authored another  article, “Sizing Photos for the Web”, giving some more detailed insight into sizing.  He provides some specific how to instructions for resizing with Lightroom and Photoshop.  This might be enough for you.

More Videos:

This Video covers how to resize an image using Lightroom, Picasa, or Photoshop.  It is no-nonsense, coming right to the point.  The Photoshop details are a little sketchy but are covered in the next video in much more detail.  If you use any of these software options you will have images sized well for our SmugMug site as well as Facebook.  ATTENTION:  In his Lightroom example he mentions changing the file type to “.jpg” but he forgets to actually do it.   He left the option set on “.tif”.   Don’t do that or your images won’t load into SmugMug.


This video describes how to use older versions of photoshop (but still applicable) to prepare an image for web posting.  It is broken into two sections, Resizing and Sharpening.  The pace of this is slow and the presenter, Mike Browne, provides the “whys” along with the “hows”.   You will also learn some Photoshop navigation principles.

“Image resize for web is all about making your image file sizes smaller so you can email them or upload them to social networks quickly and easily.” – Mike Browne

More Advanced


This short video describes how to use Photoshop CC to enlarge an image and retain quality.  ( source:  John Maclean)



How to Make Your Photos Look Stunning on the Web! Upload small file size but don’t loose the quality and sharpness in your image.  Addresses Color Management, Resizing, and Sharpening.

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