Ron Eroh – Featured Photographer – June 2017

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Congratulations to Member Ron Eroh, our Featured Photographer for June 2017.  Please read about Ron’s adventures as a photographer and check out his work HERE

For me, photography started in the early ‘60s.  I had asked for a camera for Christmas and received the Kodak Instamatic 404.  The film was the 126 cartridge.

In the early ‘70s, we were anticipating the pending birth of our first child (1971).  I was able to convince my wife, that I needed to purchase a good 35mm camera.  It was a Pentax.  A few years later I traded it in for a Nikon FM

For several years, I worked at Lincoln Camera in Wilmington, DE.  There I got to touch almost all cameras in production.  Several of our customers were members of the DuPont clan.

I wanted to get paid for my work.  I invested in a used Mamyia C330.  It is a twin-lens reflex camera using 120/220 film.  I used that camera to photograph weddings.  So, I was a wedding photographer.  

During this time I used the Gossen Luna Pro as my light meter.

From there I branched out into youth baseball and football teams. Individual pics were made using the Nikon FM.  The larger format C330 handled the teams, or group pictures nicely.  This time, I’m a sports photographer.  

My wife and I enjoy traveling (cruising). Several travel cameras with powerful zoom lens were part of the hardware until I discovered digital.  That technology switch began with the Canon XT.

After I reached the end of the XT sensor life cycle, I purchased the Canon T4i.  By now, most of my pictures were of daughters birthdays, school plays, holidays, soccer games, high school graduations, and weddings….once again.

In 2014, I saved a man’s life using CPR.  My employer, AT&T gave me the Vail Award.  It is the highest honor bestowed upon employees.  They also sent me a check for $1,000.  I took that money and purchased my first mirror-less camera, the Sony a6000.

I’ve come back to taking pictures of children.  However, this time they are our grandchildren.  

Today, I consider myself a street photographer and the family historian.  I have one 14 year old granddaughter who received her first interchangeable lens digital camera this past Christmas.  We parked, a block from her home, on Christmas Day. She ran the entire block to greet me.  A big hug, and a whisper into my ear, “I know you had something to do with my favorite gift,” reassured me at least one grandchild would follow in my footsteps.

Over the years, I’ve made one observation regarding photographers.  The same issue effects us all: “Shutter Eye”.  

It has been my pleasure and honor to be selected as this months Featured Photographer.  I appreciate the opportunity to share my love for photography.  I do hope you enjoy the images.

Life is good!

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