Rosalind Doidge – Featured Photographer – November 2017

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My interest in photography pretty much started when I received a Canon Rebel T1i from my husband a number of years ago.  I did fine on it as long as I kept it on “Auto”.

Then I got curious what all the buttons and wheels were all about.  I took several classes mainly in the mechanics of the camera.

Then a friend told me about SCPC.  I joined and started participating in a number of the outings.  So I brought some photos of those experiences.

At the HAWK WATCH outing at the Wildlife Research Institute in Ramona, we were able to photograph birds as they posed RD001, and also in action RD002.  Here, this red-shouldered hawk is heading to its trainer (and a reward).

On a SAN DIEGO outing later that same year, this was taken at Ocean Beach. I practiced using a neutral density filter lighting the pier supports RD003. That same day, at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery the overcast and wind swept tree add to the somber mood RD004.

Another outing, the GETTY VILLA in Pacific Palisades, there was a lot to shoot: sculptures, tiles, fountains, and the reflection pool (which was drained).  RD005 I chose this photo of this vase because, while exhibits as well as the gallery were dimly lit, I was thrilled this came out, without a tripod.  Then that evening saw us at the Santa Monica pier fun zone RD006, an opportunity to try various settings for night, light & motion photography.

YOSEMITE in February to view Horsetail Falls at sunset RD007.  Walking back to our room a shared with Carol along the road, Half Dome was lit by moon RD008.

EASTERN SIERRAS FALL COLORS The colors were beautiful as shown in our outings gallery; the weather, challenging.  I was driving on Test Station Road after a brief rain and got this double rainbow, its base seemed just off the road RD009.  The morning we were to leave, my husband sick in bed, I got up early, went to the viewing area suggested by Jean, and waited for sun rise.     RD010 It was very windy; I set up my tripod on the passenger seat and shot this picture.

DOWNTOWN LA:  My attempts at architectural photography.  RD011, RD012

I learned quite a bit from those outings.

I’ve included this next one – reddish/copper moon from the partial lunar eclipse I took from Alta Laguna Park in Laguna Beach RD013.

If I have a passion in photography, it is in birding.  It’s something I can do while my husband & I walk or hike.  RD014, RD015, RD016, RD017, RD018 Cedar waxwings in our pyracantha shrub, Northern red bishop at the San Joaquin Wildlife Reserve, Wood duck, Mandarin duck – male & female from Irvine Regional Park, and Great egret at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve.

Lastly, recent trip to England the 3 cities we visited, RD019 in London, this from the 8th floor of our hotel.  Big Ben is being refurbished.  The town of Bath RD020 with the Roman ruins.  RD021 The home of Shakespeare in Stratford Upon Avon.

This is where I’m at in photography and hope to expand my experience and abilities.

— Rosalind Doidge

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