Shooting and Editing Fireworks – Lauren Simmons

Image by Lauren Simmons


Check out these tutorials below to get ready for the 4th of July. Everyone seems to do it a bit differently. If these links aren’t enough for you, there are many, many more on Youtube. – Lauren Simmons from 7/1/17 Newsletter

Shooting Fireworks Made Easy 
by Photos in Color
Combining Fireworks Shots in Photoshop
by A.J. Wood
(A good explanation using the “screen” blend mode)
Eight Steps to Shooting Fireworks
by Adorama
Compositing Fireworks in Photoshop
by Kelbyone
(Scott Kelby shows how to create your own grand finale)
Sixteen Steps to Shooting Fireworks
by Jared Polin
Editing Fireworks in Photoshop and Lightroom 
(A little more advanced: includes tips on removing items such as power lines from your shots)
by thedailybru

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