Shooting The Solar Eclipse – Tips and Safety Recommendations – 6/30/2017

From Bruce Wight

DIY for anyone who  is going to be trying to shoot the eclipse ( I know some of you are), I wanted to pass on some info.  I just finished shooting some images of the sun yesterday using a filter and holders I made for Jo’s and my long lenses.  The solar filter material is very thin and scratches easily, so I made  a couple of holders out of some MDF, nylons machine screws and rubber bands.  The system works great, attached is one of the images of the sun and you can even see sun spots on the surface.  I used a 600mm lens on a crop body camera so my focal length was almost 900mm.  I am going to add a 2x teleconverter for my next try for this image is cropped and I would like to fill the frame.  With this filter attached, the setting were ISO 400, 1/640 second and f/5.6, and I manually focused the image.  I also want to try shooting it at f/8 and sacrifice with a little noise.  Attached are also images of the holder I fabricated and the solar filter material in case anyone wants to make one (shot with my phone so sorry about the focus and distortion).  The filter material is made for this purpose for Telescopes and cameras, and is available from Amazon and 8″x8″ sheet, which is the size I used, is $20.   Be very careful the sun will really damage you and your equipment, make sure the filter is in place before you aim the camera.


General Eclipse info from Jim Rusher

Here is some updated info on the eclipse:

  1. Eclipse path Oregon:
  2. All hotels are now full along the Path of Totality in the State of Oregon (unless you want to stay in a Motel 6 for $900).  Limited camping is available in farms, schools, and parks and range from $150-$250.
  3. Canon is holding several classes on how to photograph the eclipse:


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