Watermarking Images

You will find some short video tutorials below.  These are provided  to help you learn how to add watermarks (signatures) to  your images for uploading to our SmugMug galleries.  But, the techniques are applicable to other web destinations.  There are many advanced techniques for image watermarking  that are not covered here.  The intent is to get you started with basic techniques.


Lightroom:  This tutorial shows in detail how to create, save, and apply a watermark to images in Lightroom.  Please note that the “Export Dialog” box used to apply watermarks is the same one used to resize images in the “Resizing Images Post“.   So to export a resized image with a watermark you enter the information for both actions in the same “Export Dialog” box.   Pretty cool ehh…  The result is an image suited perfectly for posting on our SmugMug Galleries.  One advantage of the Lightroom approach is that your “master” image is not affected.  Only the image created by the export contains the watermark.

Photoshop: This tutorial shows how to add a watermark with text on a single image in Photoshop.  (Cautiion- This could make you want to buy Lightroom.)  Several more advanced  and preferred techniques are shown in Intermediate Level videos below.  This will get you started with a  functional watermark.  You can learn more advanced techniques when you are ready to invest the time.  Once you have you Watermark installed on your image you can resize the image as described in the “Resizing Images Post”.  That resulting image is ready to upload to our SmugMug site.

Picasa: This tutorial shows how to add watermarks to multiple images using Picasa.  In principle it is very much like the adding text approach in Photoshop above.  Picasa is free but pretty light on features.



This tutorial covers some more advanced techniques for designing and adding a reusable Watermark in PhotoShop.  It assumes strong familiarity with Photoshop layers and other concepts.  Lots to learn from this one if your  are ready.





Photoshop:  The following video shows how to add Watermarks using “photoshop Actions” to sense whether the  image is Landscape or Portrait and install the watermark accordingly.  Cool stuff.


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