The photo above is from the October 2016 “Lightroom to Photoshop and back to Lightroom” workshop led by Rick Valasek.

We have workshops on a variety of topics including:

  • Lighting,
  • Lightroom,
  • Photoshop,
  • Camera skills, and
  • Exposure techniques

Here are some photos from the October 2016 Lightroom to Photoshop to Lightroom round trip workshop led by Rick Valasek.

Check out this Panorama taken by the July 2016 “Panorama Workshop” leader Rick Valasek.  Attendees learned some important techniques for good panoramas including how to rotate the camera exposure tricks, and some handy equipment ideas.


Here are some photos from the August 2015 “Making Sharper Images Workshop” led by Bob Bone to help attendees learn how to fine tune their camera’s AutoFocus.

Here are some photos from the September 2015 “Move to Manual Mode Workshop” led by Rick Valasek to explain advantages of shooting with Manual Mode.   Attendees practiced to sharpen their Manual Mode skills.

Here are some photos from our April 2014 Photoshop Workshop. Jeanette DiAnda and Lauren Simmons led this workshop in an overview of the Photoshop toolbox.

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Here are some photos from our March 2014 Lightroom workshop:

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Here are some photos from recent workshops including a “baby shoot” and a composition workshop:

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We welcome photography enthusiasts of ALL levels with any camera type.
We are here to share and learn from each other.
We encourage guests to attend our meetings to find out what we are all about,
and we hope you stick around and consider becoming a member.